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Drop 360

Are you up for a coastal aerial adventure?  As the doors of the Brighton i360 pod open 138 metres up in the sky, your heart will be thumping as you prepare to be lowered out of the pod and hang free on your safety line high above Brighton’s beautiful coastline before your gradual controlled descent back down to the Deck of Brighton i360.

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What is it?

Take a flight on the BA i360 pod to 138 metres high.  Our expert team will then attach your harness to the Drop 360 safety line system before guiding you to step out of the pod.  Your descent is controlled from above leaving you to take in the feeling of total freedom as you hang free in the open air with nothing but gliding seagulls, stunning landscape and sea views to admire! Oh and the sound of your heart beating!

This is a great experience for a group to achieve together.  Numerous charities have undertaken the Drop 360 from BA i360 and raised thousands of pounds as one of their key annual fundraising initiatives.  Corporate groups choose the Drop 360 as an exhilarating team-building challenge.

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The Detail

The descent takes approximately 5 minutes, you will be guided by our expert team from the top and below you.

This experience is available to book individually or as a group challenge.

If you are an individual looking to book a place on Drop 360, please book here.

If you are a corporate group or charity – please email or call 01273 448370 to enquire about booking Drop 360.

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Dates and Times

Drop 360 operates throughout the year on selected dates.  Check latest dates and times here.  The Drop 360 experience is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes in total duration.

Separate dates are available to book for corporate and charity groups.