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Celebrating Brighton & Hove as a UNESCO site

Did you know that the city of Brighton and Hove, along with the surrounding coastline and South Downs are part...

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A new exhibition: ‘British Airways i360: How it was Built’

An exhibition of photography and film charting the construction of British Airways i360, the world’s tallest...

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The pod reaches full height

There was great excitement in the office last week as the British Airways i360 observation pod reached the top...

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British Airways i360 Brings West Pier Tollbooths Back

When our architects, Marks Barfield, first met with the West Pier Trust in 2005 to discuss their ideas for Bri...

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British Airways i360 pod is completed

It was an historic day for the British Airways i360 as the last segment of the glass viewing pod was gently l...

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British Airways i360 Platform Used To Shore Up City’s Beaches

With the Brighton i360 tower at full height and the cranes now gone, the team at Mackley have been working ha...

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Brighton i360 Unveils Lifesaving Defibrillator

Sussex Heart Foundation and Hove Business Association have donated a defibrillator to the Brighton i360 to hel...

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