Brighton i360 Drone images including West Pier

These beautiful drone images reveal the full splendour of the Brighton i360  observation tower, now the jacking tower and yellow crane have been removed.

Brighton i360 Drone images including West Pier | Taken by Visual AirWest Pier taken with a drone flying over the sea | Brighton i360Beautiful Drone images taken over Brighton Seafront | Brighton i360 | West Pier

The images were taken by drone specialists Visual Air, between 7am and 8am, one fine early Autumn morning last week. Flying over the water, as the sun rose, they really show the progress of the ground work that has taken place recently. The highest images were taken at approximately 400ft and the lower ones at 50ft to 60ft.

Brighton i360 Drone Images of Tower and Beach BuildingHighlighted in the images is the concrete on the roof on one half of the Brighton i360 beach building that was poured only last week.  Once the 2nd half of the roof has been poured, the glazing will begin.

Close up of West Pier | Brighton i360 Drone Images

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