This coming Monday (28 July 2014) you’ll notice a substantial change start happening at the i360 site.

Five hundred square meters of ply board, each rising to 2.4 metres high, will start to encircle the area over the next month. These boards are called hoardings and they mean one very exciting thing: construction is under way.

While this is no doubt cause for celebration, it also leaves us with the fascinating question of what should be done with all that space. Six million people a year visit the Brighton beach, 11.5 million cars pass along Kings Road. With an audience as large as this we do not want to disappoint. Next week we will be putting in a planning application for our designs. We have some big plans.

North Facing (Kings Road)

Taking pride of place will be a full scale image of the i360 pod. Resting at ground level and over 18 metres in diameter, this should give viewers a visual sense of things to come.

We’re eager for Brighton’s residents and visitors to feel involved in the construction process. So these hoardings don’t become a barrier we will install spy holes in the boards so you can see all the work going on. One porthole will be placed at child’s height, so that no one misses out. We shall even be installing a web cam so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

And to show our appreciation for our partners, a portion of this space will be dedicated to celebrating their excellent work.

Beach level

Here you can learn all about the i360. We plan to produce to visual feast, full of intriguing information and striking imagery. You can follow the project’s progress with our project board which we’ll keep up to date. And we won’t miss the opportunity to draw attention to our neighbours in the newly renovated arches.

The most exciting portion of the design will take shape at the end of August. The i360 will be a part of the community, so we’ve set aside the full 90 metres of the beach side site to triumph Brighton’s creativity. A group of leading street artists will be taking charge of the space. Together they will design and paint a unique piece directly onto the hoardings. In this gigantic painting will be incorporated the work of other local artists to make a space that truly represents the city of diversity. We encourage anyone with a sense of curiosity to come witness this live art event. Details coming soon!

Some of Brighton’s famous street art

Some of Brighton’s famous street art

Our design team

The hoardings have been designed and will be installed by local Brighton design studio, Thomas and Trotman.  We are delighted to be working with another local creative agency.