Do you dare to climb? Set yourself a new physical and mental challenge to complete the new BA i360 Tower Top Climb. Hosted by experienced i360 engineers, this unique experience includes a tour of the tower’s inner workings, and the opportunity to stand on the very top of the i360 tower. 

First, you will experience a flight on the BA i360 pod to its full height of 138 metres before entering the i360 tower through a hatch – previously never open to the public. A 24-metre climb via a series of ladders and platforms leads you to the top of the tower.  During the climb, you’ll be attached to the ladders via a safety harness. In a small group of six, two expert engineer guides will talk you through the innovative construction of the tower and the machinery inside its walls.  Once you’ve made it to the very top, you will get to step out onto the open-air platform for the most spectacular 360o views of Brighton and the South Coast.

Once at the top of the tower our guides will encourage participants to push their personal limits, will you dare to look over the edge? Or climb the ladder and touch the aviation light? Throughout the experience the guides will capture those all important shots to prove you conquered the Tower Top Climb! 

After you’ve taken in the thrill at the top, you’ll descend the ladders to the pod to enjoy a celebratory drink from the Nyetimber Sky Bar.  The pod then descends back down to Brighton beach, where you can collect your digital photos and reflect on your unique adventure. 

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