This week is English Tourism Week 2020, an initiative led by Visit England, an annual celebration of English Tourism which aims to highlight the importance of tourism to the UK economy. Whilst tourism has changed significantly over the past few months, that doesn’t mean we can’t go out and celebrate its diversity and be a tourist in our own city or local area.

So, as it’s half term and you might be looking for ideas of days out in Brighton and Sussex, and in honour of English Tourism week, we’ve put together a tick list of places you can visit this week with the kids that represent the diversity of English Tourism. Our school holiday challenge to you is to see how many places you can visit!

1) South Downs National Park

South downs national park

For the perfect half term adventure, and our first tick list idea, visit the South Downs National Park. We are blessed to have beautiful rolling hills, historical market towns and a vast amount of wildlife right on our doorstep. 

Whilst exploring the park on one of their many established footpaths, can you find a place where you can see to both the North and South at the same time? Take a picture of yourself there. 

Click here to read how you can stay safe and follow the South Downs National Park’s guidelines for a safe visit, click here.

2) The Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

Often deemed the “cultural heart” of Brighton and Hove – nothing symbolises the rich culture and heritage of English tourism quite like The Royal Pavilion! This exotic seaside retreat of King George IV, has a colourful history, and whilst you can’t explore its treasures from within right now, for our next tick list place to visit this half term, we want you to take a trip to the Royal Pavilion gardens and enjoy its beautiful heritage from the outside. 

Whilst admiring the building, can you count how many domes are on its roof? For an extra challenge, can you work out what country the building looks like it is from?  Take a picture of yourself in front of one of the domes.

3) British Airways i360 Viewing Tower

British Airways i360 Viewing Tower

You might not be able to take a flight on the BA i360 just yet, but you can still enjoy a walk along the beach below it, and perhaps a cheeky ice cream while you are there. The BA i360 is a great example of sustainable tourism and of an attraction that brings lots of visitors, from all over the world, to visit our city. 

Can you work out what gives the BA i360 pod energy? If you need a clue, look out to sea behind you, what can you see in the distance? Take a picture of yourself in front of the BA i360.

4) Worthing Pier

Worthing Pier

For our fourth tick list place to visit, take a stroll along Worthing Pier. Whilst there you can see amazing artwork from local artists, admire the Art Deco Southern Pavilion and enjoy views of the chalk cliffs beyond Brighton to the east and enjoy views of the beaches over to the west, as well as glimpses of the hills of the South Downs National Park.

Can you see the BA i360 from the pier? Take a picture of yourself in the spot from where you can see it. When you get home, why not try and create your own stained glass window like the ones you can find along the pier? 

5) Carats café on Southwick Beach

Carats Cafe



For our last tick list place to visit this half term week, we want you to head over to Carats café – and not just for a takeaway coffee and slice of cake! The café – a well known secret to locals – is located on Southwick beach on the south side of the Lady Bee Marina. It makes for a great place to explore with an interesting walk over the harbour locks (see if you can spot any jelly fish bobbing about), spot ships in the shipping canal and two huge land wind turbines. Take a picture of yourself by one of these giants. 

Can you build a pebble stack while on the beach? How many pebbles can you get to balance on top of each other? Do you know another name for a stack of pebbles? 

Don’t forget to tag us in the pictures of your time exploring!