One of the great privileges of working in Brighton and Hove is the passion the residents have for their city.

We’re really delighted to be involving so many local businesses in the development of the i360 and plan to create community involvement at every phase of the project.

At this stage, it’s all about getting out there: just today our chief executive, Eleanor Harris, has been in Hotel du Vin speaking to the First Friday Luncheon group, while our meeting with Brighton seafront traders last month was a wonderful opportunity to bring local businesses up to date, as well as hear what they had to say.


It is important to us that the project remain open and transparent to the community – so if you’re a member of a local group, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Send us a Facebook message, or email at if you’d like to organise a meeting – and if you have any questions, we’re always listening on Twitter (@thebrightoni360). We look forward to hearing from you.