Brighton and Hove residents will be able to visit the Brighton i360 for half the price tourists will pay.

Earlier this year the i360 confirmed every single pupil attending a state school during the school year 2016/2017 in Brighton and Hove  will be treated to a free Brighton i360 ride once during their school career. Curriculum material will be developed to support learning in sciences and maths.

Now the attraction has announced locals of all ages will be able to benefit from cut-price entry.

Eleanor Harris, the i360’s chief executive, said: “We have had a huge amount of interest in the i360 from the local community over the past week, since the first parts of the tower arrived by sea. Lots of people have been coming down to the beach to watch the beach landings and the cans being fitted into place.

The recent work on site has increased interest in the i360.

“By September the 162m tower will be complete. The i360 will be a unique, world-class attraction and something that we believe the entire city can be proud of.

“Our beach building will be open to the public even if you are not riding on the i360 and we expect lots of locals to enjoy using our brasserie, tea rooms, beach café, exhibition space and kids soft play zone.  We hope that local residents will see the i360 as their venue, and not just for tourists.

“We want the i360 to be as inclusive as possible. By offering every local pupil a free visit, we are making sure that children in Brighton and Hove are able to enjoy the i360. Half price tickets for all locals is an extension of that.”

Anyone with a BN1, BN2, BN3 or BN41 postcode can register for an annual membership at just £1 – a nominal fee to cover the cost of the membership card. Students studying at either of Brighton and Hove’s two universities will also be eligible.

That card will then entitle them to half-price tickets.

Locals will benefit from half-price tickets as part of a membership scheme.

There will be some restrictions on when reduced tickets can be used during the peak tourist season – for example, weekends in August will be exempt – but members will also benefit from discounts in the attraction’s restaurant and shop.

Full details of the membership scheme will be launched later this year.