We’re up for the challenge – are you?

Here at British Airways i360 we avoid single-use plastics wherever possible. So there is no better time to introduce you to all the ways in which we are a responsible business, and some of the fantastic plastic free products we sell in our wonderful shop, than in #PlasticFreeJuly!

No more plastic bottles!

BAi360 #PlasticFreeJuly No Plastic Bottles CANO Water

Introducing you to the latest product on sale on pod and in our shop – Natural Spring Water IN A CAN! With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Available in both Sparkling and Still.

Reusable coffee cups

BAi360 #PlasticFreeJuly Reusable Coffee Cups

Get that coffee fix while cutting your plastic footprint. Choose from two fabulous designs: our Brighton cup made from recycled plastic and designed by local artist Tom Smith, or our enchanting ceramic mermaid cup.

A water bottle on a mission

BAi360 #PlasticFreeJuly Dopper Water Bottles

Our range of sustainable Dopper Water bottles not only keep your water hot for 9 hours or cold for 24, helping you hydrate with a conscience, but sales from Dopper bottles help fund projects to help improve access to safe drinking water in Nepal!

Don’t bag it in plastic

BAi360 #PlasticFreeJuly No Paper bags

Not only do we offer paper carrier bags to our customers, we also sell a selection of colourful reusable alternatives. Pop down to our beachside gift shop to check out our beautiful range of canvas tote bags – many of which are designed by local artists!

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