inside the i360 passenger pod The Perfectly Formed i360 Pod

i360 pod images were released last week from the POMA-Sigma Factory in France, after the last pane of glass was added during the i360 pod trial assembly. The trial assembly makes sure that the pod is in full working order before it is transported to Brighton. The pod’s 24 sections will arrive in 48 pieces ready to be built onto the real chassis, that is already installed at the bottom of the i360 tower.

The images from France don’t disappoint. In fact they are stunning. You get a real sense of the beauty and scale of the i360 passenger pod.

Trial assembly of the i360 passenger pod at the POMA factory in France

Our fully enclosed i360 passenger pod and vertical cable car is spacious at ten times the size of a London Eye capsule. Not forgetting that our i360 pod will also house the Sky Bar. We’ll be selling gift vouchers for the i360 passenger pod Sky Bar experiences via our website very soon, making a unique present for your friends and family (and dare we mention Christmas presents?!)

Farewell to the i360 Jacking Tower

Photo by Finn Hopson of the i360 observation without the jacking tower

Photo Credit:, Twitter @FinnHop

The Brighton i360 observation tower is looking sleek, slender and rather splendid after the jacking tower was dismantled last week, the final pieces of cladding were added and the tower was revealed in full. There is great buzz building around the project, as the Brighton i360 continues its journey to opening in Summer 2016.

“It is incredible to see the i360 observation tower standing without the jacking tower. Now you get a real sense of why the i360 is the slimmest tall tower ever built in the world; it is a real marvel of engineering.”
Eleanor Harris, Brighton i360 CEO

Over the 10 weeks it took to construct the Brighton i360 observation tower there was much enthusiasm and fascination, as people regularly visited our construction site to watch the jacking operations.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who have sent in their photos documenting the construction, including the jacking operations and sharing them with us on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram. We really enjoy seeing them and we are building a fantastic gallery of imagery. So please keep sharing!

On another positive note, after we wrote about the landscaping plans around the i360 last week, we are pleased to say that BHCC councillors have agreed to give the go ahead for a £2 million project to create the two new public squares. It’s going to be a great boost to this part of the seafront and for local businesses, thanks to revenue generated by the Brighton i360.

brighton i360 construction hero fez from yorkshire

T-Rex Moves On

We are also saying farewell to ‘T-Rex’.

The huge 100 metre high, 750 tonne yellow crane, affectionately known as ‘T-Rex’, has now been removed from the beach. Operated by Brighton i360 construction hero ‘Fez’, all of the cans were lifted by the crane which played a vital part in the jacking operations of the Brighton i360 observation tower.

Local Legend, Fatboy Slim…

Fatboy Slim on the Brighton i360 site

And finally, Brighton’s soul brother, Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) stopped by to take a look around the i360 construction site. He is a big fan of the Brighton i360 and it was great to be able to show him the excellent progress we have made.

In the next few weeks we’ll be continuing with the beach building, which is coming along nicely. We also look forward to the arrival of the i360 passenger pod too.

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