Roll on over, Skate 360, Brighton’s only open-air roller skate rink has hit Brighton Beach. As the latest exciting offering onsite at Brighton i360, Skate 360 is set to be the roller skating destination in a city rich in skating and blading culture.

Opening in time for the summer season, Skate 360 is set to delight Brighton visitors and locals alike as it swings open its doors in mid-July. The open-air roller rink is located at street level at Brighton i360, Lower Kings Road. Overlooking the beach below and the iconic West Pier structure, right under the Brighton i360 Viewing Pod, the smooth specialist floor will provide over 1,000 square feet of blading bliss. Guests will be invited to a 45-minute experience and can either rent skates or bring their own. Roller skaters of all ages and abilities are welcome, and with prices starting at just £6.50 you’ll be twirling, jumping, and skating all summer long. 

To celebrate the launch of Skate 360, Brighton i360 invited Brighton local visual artist, illustrator and mural painter, Amber Elise, who is known for her bold use of colour on large-scale murals in the city to create a bespoke mural on the roller rink floor.

When asked about the project, Amber says: “As a mural artist, I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be commissioned by the visitor attraction Brighton i360 to paint their new skate rink. The opportunity to create art in such a vibrant and dynamic space is truly exciting for me. I have a great design in mind that I believe will capture the essence of the skate culture and the energy of Brighton. I’m looking forward to embracing the challenge and bringing this vision to life, immersing the skaters and visitors in a world of creativity and inspiration.”

Visitors to Brighton i360 are invited to view Amber’s installation as they glide up to 450ft. As the pod ascends over the city, beach, and South Downs, the mural will reveal itself to onlookers, in line with the street art on Brighton’s rooftops. The best view is, as always, from the pod! Why not combine Brighton’s best views with a visit to Skate 360, with prices starting at £22.85 combined ticket holders are entitled to a 15% saving.

So whether you’re a seasoned skater or a roller newbie, a visit to Skate 360 is a guaranteed good time on 4 wheels. Let the good times roll, and book your ticket now!