Here at BA i360 we are committed to showcasing the very best produce that local suppliers of Sussex have to offer. Our beachside giftshop specialises in beautiful and useful products that have been created in collaboration with local businesses, artists, and makers.

And what better product than chocolate to start our new Supplier Spotlight series with, featuring George Wellicome from Brighton Cacao Company?

All About Brighton Cacao Company

If there was one thing Brighton was lacking, it was its own chocolate. That all changed in 2018 when George Wellicome arrived on to the local market scene with his wacky flavoured single-origin chocolate. His mission?

“Push boundaries and create unique flavours of chocolate that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Brighton Cacao Company chocolate is made right here in Brighton and Hove by George himself. Once you have tasted the delicious handmade chocolate it’s not hard to see why it’s making waves across the city and quickly becoming a firm favourite treat amongst both locals and tourists alike. We are lucky enough to stock six of his mouth-watering flavours in our own shop.

How it started

George always knew he wanted to create his own brand and products; he just didn’t know what.

After training at Le Corden Bleu, one of the top pastry schools in the country, and working in a series of top London Restaurants, George realised that he had an obsession for all things chocolate. He loved spending hours learning about the science behind the making and creating of it and, of course, eating it!

Another great love in George’s life is travel. A holiday to Honduras in 2018 to learn more about where chocolate comes from, how it’s harvested and roasted, planted the seed in George’s mind to venture into the wonderful world of chocolatiering. What could be better than starting a business that combines his love of travel and his obsession with chocolate?

When coming up with the name of his brand George

“Wanted customers to be able to take something from Brighton home”

And so, Brighton Cacao Company was born.

Creating the flavours

Brighton Cacao Company uses single-origin chocolate, which varies in flavour depending on the surroundings of the environment of the particular region the cacao beans are grown in.

“Did you know there are more flavour profiles in chocolate than wine?”

When it’s time to create a new bar, George shuts up shop to conduct his own tasting session and allows what he can taste within the chocolate to inspire his new flavour combinations. The cocoa beans in his Dark Chocolate with Chilli and Lime bar were grown near a chilli plantation, creating a spicy depth to the chocolate which George enhanced with more chilli and then a zesty hint of lime. Delicious!

Why we love Brighton Cacao Company

Not only is Brighton Cacao Company chocolate absolutely delicious, but it’s also made with the best ingredients sourced from local Brighton suppliers where possible and its luxe paper packaging is 100% recyclable. Making it a completely guilt-free treat in our opinion!

Staff favourites 

Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn & Himalayan Sea Salt Bar and Milk Chocolate with Orange & Lime Bar.

A little bit more about George Wellicome

  • I grew up in: Worthing
  • Now I live in: Hove
  • When I was a child I wanted to be: A 200m runner, footballer or a businessman.
  • My first job was: Working in a boatyard in Arundel at 14.
  • My career was most influenced by: Probably from my mum. I quit college at 17 and my mum was not happy at all. She asked me what I was going to do with my life, I lied and said I wanted to be a chef. The following day she marched me down to Northbrook College and made me enroll in catering college. She passed away later that year and I decided to continue with college for her and I fell in love with cooking and the kitchen environment. The rest is history.
  • The best piece of advice I was given: I’ve been given a lot of good advice, but I would say, to invest in yourself. Invest in your happiness, health and education.
  • When I need inspiration I: It’s quite rare that I need inspiration. I set many goals, some are short term and some are long term, so there is always something to get me up in the mornings. If I’m really struggling I will usually go for a run to clear my mind and jump in the cold sea.
  • I love what I do because: I love it because the world really is my oyster. Some dreams are just a good plan away. I love seeing my products in and around Brighton, and I love the reaction when people try my products and the look of ‘ohh I like that”. That makes me happy!
  • I love Brighton & Hove because: I love Brighton and Hove for so many reasons. Being by the sea is the main one for me, I love the nightlife, the energy of the people is incredible, but I love that anybody can be who they want to be. There is a lot of love in Brighton and Hove and people are just being themselves, it makes our world a lot more interesting.
  • When I’m not making chocolate I’m: Usually trying to get into the sea. Whether it’s swimming, paddle boarding, water skiing or surfing.