Sometimes there’s just no better way to reset than with a yoga class. But who said it has to take place in a studio? If you’re looking to switch up your usual Savasana, searching for a fitness experience with a difference, or simply wanting to relax – these fantastically unique yoga classes across the UK are sure to help get you feeling Zen in no time!


Pups Yoga – London 

puppy yoga unusual yoga classes uk



Calling all dog lovers! We know yoga is great for mental wellbeing; but add the company of our favourite furry friends to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect stress buster. This puppy-powered mood booster will not only increase your sense of calm but also helps reduce anxiety too!

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Yoga in the Sky – Brighton 


BA i360 Yoga in the Sky uusual yoga classes uk brighton

Photo: Kevin Meredith


Why stare at the mirror of a gym, when you can stare at the breathtaking views of the South Coast. Unwind your body, rest your mind and enjoy the ultimate escapism experience – Yoga at 450ft high in the British Airways i360 Pod. Combine an overall sense of well-being from the practice of yoga, with the stunning 360-degree views and wonderfully serene atmosphere of the giant glass viewing pod, for an unforgettable yoga experience that will leave you feeling blissfully refreshed.

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Yoga at the Natural History Museum –  London

Yoga at the natural history museum unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: Natural History Museum


For the early risers. Rise and shine to a unique start to the day, with a yoga and gong bath class underneath the 25-metre blue whale skeleton in the iconic Hintze Hall at the NHM. This early morning yoga, breath and sound experience surrounded by 4.5 billion years of history, is definitely one for the bucket list.

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Paddleboard Yoga – Devon 

Gili sport sup paddleboard yoga unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: GILI Sport


If you’re looking to rejuvenate your practice or perhaps test your core strength, this challenging yet tranquil class takes yoga (or SUP) to the next level. Using the paddleboard as your mat, you are encouraged to concentrate on your breath and balance to stay afloat. This focus produces deeper mindfulness and self-awareness – leaving a calming effect on your mind. Just be warned, whether a beginner or a pro, you may get wet! 

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Yoga at the Castle – Nottingham Castle

Nottingham castle yoga unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: Nottingham Castle Yoga


For the History Buffs. Relax and unwind whilst taking in the picturesque views of a stunning medieval castle and its grounds. Yoga sessions at Nottingham castle focus on mindful yoga poses, simple meditation techniques and guided breathwork to deepen your understanding of yoga and leave you feeling utterly relaxed.  

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Disco Yoga – London 

London disco yoga class unusual yoga classes uk dance class

Photo: Disco Yoga


For those of you in search of a new way to reboot your mind, body and soul, Disco Yoga is just for you. Combining classic yoga poses with disco dance moves, this uplifting and light-hearted class brings you all the benefits of yoga but with added fun. Don your finest glitter or sequins and dance, stretch and breathe your way through glorious disco music. You’ll be getting those feel-good vibes in no time. 

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Yoga Hikes – Lake District 

yoga hikes lake district unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: Yoga Hikes


One for the nature-loving yogis. Put the daily grind aside and enjoy a hatha-based yoga class with the great outdoors as your backdrop, before tackling a hike across the green oasis of the Lake District. Pairing yoga with hiking encourages the body to move and breathe in different ways, increasing mobility and strength – leaving you feeling fully refreshed.

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Chroma Yoga – London 

chroma yoga london baby face nike collaboration unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: Chroma Yoga Baby Face X Nike


Escape the stresses of everyday life with this new multi-sensory fitness experience. Chroma Yoga uses the practice of colour therapy, sound and scent together with dynamic yoga to engage all your senses and elevate your mood. This immersive class is the ultimate cathartic release that will put you in a more calm, focused, and happier state of mind.

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Beach Yoga – Cornwall 

harvey stacey beach yoga cornwall unusual yoga classes uk

Photo: @harveystacey_


For those who prefer to yoga alfresco, challenge your body, balance, strength and mind on the sand with beach yoga. Practising the movement and mindfulness of yoga in fresh sea air with the calming sound of waves crashing to shore, is a great way to reduce stress levels – leaving you feeling utterly restored. 

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Aerial Yoga – Bristol

Top 10 Unique Places to do Yoga in the UK - Aerial Yoga

Photo: Clifton Sky Yoga

Release your inner Cirque du Soleil star and wind down from the working week – quite literally – with Aerial Yoga. Practised only a few feet off the ground, this gentle class is a hybrid of yoga, aerial arts and acrobatics with the use of a supportive silk. This unique and exciting way to perform yoga enables you to deepen stretches – increasing muscular flexibility and joint mobility while improving blood flow to the brain, helping to maintain mental wellbeing. 

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