Welcome to Brighton, where sustainability meets tourism! In this article, we will be highlighting our commitment to sustainability, as well listing some of our favourite places to experience a more eco-conscious Brighton. Add these places to your Brighton itinerary and let us know which ones you enjoyed the most. 


Brighton i360 & Our Sustainable Promise

On your list of sustainable activities to do in Brighton, why not come and experience a journey on our viewing pod? Here at the i360, we prioritise the environment whenever possible. 

Renewable Energy 

Did you know that our attraction is powered from 100% renewable energy sources? That’s right, here at the i360, we are all about protecting our planet. As you get lifted into the sky in our viewing pod, you can rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to protect the environment below. Across our site, we only use green energy – this includes everything from our restaurant right down to our kitchen. All of our lighting on site is LED and the buildings have time sensitive settings – meaning that if no-ones in, the lights aren’t on .

The air conditioning units are designed to decrease to 40% capacity whenever the pod doors open, effectively minimising wastage of conditioned air. Remarkably, even the Brighton i360 Pod actively contributes to the overarching energy-saving objective. Over 50% of the energy needed to ascend the pod is harnessed each time it descends, resulting in every third journey being self-powered!

Zero Waste & Plastic-Free

At Brighton i360, we also prioritise our environment by not making unnecessary waste. Everything we produce is either recycled or disposed of in a responsible manner. Nothing goes to landfill and all glass, cardboard and food waste is always recycled by our team. 

In addition, we also aim to avoid any pointless plastic. As you go up in our viewing pod, you will see the long stretch of Brighton beach. In our mission to protect this beautiful landscape, we naturally want to avoid as much plastic as possible. At our Nyetimber Sky Bar and in our Gift shop, you will find no single plastic used. 

Supporting Local Businesses

As a landmark here in Brighton, we always want to support the businesses that make this place home. From using local suppliers to a variety of companies, we want to stock all Brighton-based produce in our shop and serve a menu of Brighton classics in our Nyetimber Sky Bar and i360 Café. Not only that, but we are always looking for new ways to support the local Brighton community and have given out over 40,000 free tickets to local schools. Brighton i360 hopes to inspire the next generation. If you are looking for indoor activities in Brighton that are sustainable and good for the environment, come visit us at the i360. 

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Bike Ride Along The Brighton Palace Pier

Why not experience the charm of Brighton’s historic pier by cycling along it? In Brighton, we are lucky to have a great bike-sharing system which not only matches the town’s beautiful colour scheme, but also offers a more sustainable way to explore our city. With the stunning sea view, we obviously want to protect our environment, and cutting down on unnecessary emissions is one way to do this. You can cycle along the pier, taking in the scenic sites and even stop to enjoy some of the classic arcade games, thrilling rides and a portion of the famous Brighton fish and chips, all whilst opting for more sustainable practices. 

Stop By The Brighton Open Market

Have you tried Brighton’s Open Market yet? Brimming with local artisans, farmers and entrepreneurs, this market is the place to be if you are looking to experience the sustainable Brighton scene. As well as a feast of the eyes, you can also indulge in an array of tasty organic produce and sustainability-sourced goods. We might be biased, but the vendors are also extremely friendly and always happen to answer questions about their ethical sourcing, fair trade practices and community resilience. Attending the Brighton Open Market is a great way to support local businesses whilst also reducing your overall environmental impact. 

Sustainability In The Brighton Lanes

Similar to Brighton’s Open Market, you can also take advantage of The Brighton Lanes if you are looking for some sustainable bargains. This independent and quirky shopping scene is full of second hand clothing, sustainable alternatives and organic food to try. If you are looking for activities to do in Brighton, we would highly recommend paying a visit to The Lanes in all its bustling glory. As well as soaking up the beguiling atmosphere of Brighton, you can also find some of your favourite sustainable products.