England is known for many things, the Royal family, countryside pubs and a classic fish and chips by the sea. Last year a whopping 37.5 million tourists visited the UK and by the end of 2024, this is expected to rise back to pre-pandemic levels! England is a versatile destination with more than just London to offer. Whether you want a city break, a peaceful countryside stay, or trip to the coast, there is something for every visitor!


England is home to a wealth of renowned museums and London in particular has an abundance of choice. For art lovers, we recommend, the Tate Modern, the V&A, The Portrait Gallery and the Saatchi Gallery. Neighbouring museums the National History Museum and the Science Museum are also a great option for kids make a perfect day out to explore ancient Egypt and learn about the extinction of dinosaurs. As an added bonus, many of the Museums are also free to attend!


Contrary to popular belief, England’s gastronomy is more than just beans and toast! The UK is hub of cultural diversity and with that comes a variety of cuisines, did you know England’s national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala? Birmingham takes the top spot if you’re looking for great Indian food however, you’ll be spoilt for choice in most cities. If you’re in London we recommend a trip to China Town in Soho for delicious Pecking Duck and Dim Sum. If you want to try traditional British Cuisine, try visiting a local pub for a Sunday roast or taking a trip to a seaside for classic fish and chips. Read our guide to Brighton’s Best Fish & Chips.

Rich History

Create memories and go on an adventure to one of the UK’s 4,000 castles, each sharing a glimpse into the country’s rich history. England is also home to one of the world’s greatest wonders, Stonehenge. The Stone Circle is a masterpiece of engineering, and it is fascinating to learn about how it was constructed over 4,000 years ago.

We can’t discuss the country’s History without mentioning the Royal family. The British monarchy runs deep within England’s roots. Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace are just some of the attractions to visit.

Beautiful Beaches

The UK may not be known as a beach holiday destination, however, take a trip along the coastline and you may be surprised to discover the many charming seaside towns the UK has to offer. Cornwall and Devon are home to the best beaches, with white sand, beautiful clear waters and an epic surf culture. If you’re staying in London, Brighton is a great destination to visit for a day trip with a vibrant culture, great nightlife and of course its famous pier. While you’re there, we recommend a visit to the Brighton i360 for views on a clear day scaling up to 49 miles across the city and beyond!


Leave space in your suitcase because you’ll want to hit up the British shops. London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so whether you’re looking to browse your favourite high street brands, designer labels or vintage gems, you’re in for a treat. Oxford Street is a favourite amongst tourists with dozens of shops to choose from and many of brands flagship stores located here. We recommend also taking a trip to Soho while you’re in central London. Brick Lane and Portobello Market are a great option if you enjoy thrifting.

Located an hour away from Birmingham and London in the town of Bicester, the shopping village is one of the famous outlet shopping centres in the United Kingdom. If your looking for designer brands, Bicester Outlet is a great option to secure a designer goods at a discounted price. Manchester is home to the Trafford Centre which is one of the largest and busiest shopping centres in the UK and a great option for high street brands.


As your plane descends, you’ll see the miles of beautiful greenery spanning across the country. England has no shortage of beautiful countryside destinations for you to explore. From the Lake District to the Yorkshire Dales, if you’re outdoorsy, England is the perfect place for a hike amongst nature.

Vibrant Cities

While London remains the most visited city in the UK with 16 million international visitors last year, the UK has plenty of other vibrant cities. From Bristol to Manchester, Leeds to Brighton, each city has its own unique culture worth exploring. While we are biased, Brighton, which is nicknamed ‘London at Sea’ is a great city to explore. Brighton is a creative hub with street art, independent shops, artisan coffee shops and tons of lively pubs and music venues. Located just 1 hour outside of London, it’s the perfect city to explore for a day trip.