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Brighton i360’s Financial Review – Your Questions Answered

Updated April 2019. Since opening in August 2016, the i360 has given inspiration and delight to hundreds of th...

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A freshers’ guide to Brighton

Welcome to your new hometown! There's loads to see and do - check out our local's tips for a 360-degree view o...

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August Bank Holiday in Brighton

No August bank holiday plans? We’ve put together the perfect guide to a Brighton weekender. We know that we ...

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Lesson Of The Day: The Sky’s The Limit! High-Achieving School Children Visit British Airways i360

A Brighton school took its high achievers to the sky on British Airways i360 this week....

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Meet Jack, trainee Guest Experience Host from Team Domenica

Jack is from Team Domenica, a Brighton-based charity which helps remove barriers to work for people with learn...

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Sky Dining: a taste of the high life

Enjoy a magical three-course meal on the British Airways i360 pod, with the sparkling lights of Brighton &...

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Love Is In The Air!

Share a romantic moment together at 450ft...

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