Our web development partner

Solution17 is a web design and development agency based in Brighton and Hove. Their aim is to provide simple, practical advice to take away the complexity of the digital world and deliver workable, digital solutions.

Last year Solution17 became our official creative agency providing digital support on both our social media and email marketing. Through these channels alone, we saw a significant increase in ticket sales. They have also taken over the running of our website, helping out with content, tweaking designs, and maintaining it whilst working on plans for a whole new look!

Solution17 has a full range of services, aimed at any sized business. These are all scalable so are suited to any business whether they are just starting out and need a full digital presence, or those who like us, are already established and just want to refresh. From website design and development services to SEO consultancy and social media management they use the latest, cutting edge technologies to keep their clients ahead of the rest. Solution17 also offers live streaming platforms for any event size which includes fully branded zoom meetings & user interactive tools such as live polling or gamification.

Among Solution17’s extensive range of clients across varied industries they count Argentina’s Number One Beer, Premier League football teams, the NHS and of course us! We love working with their team because they’re outrageously passionate about what they do, the results they deliver and the people they work with.

You can reach their team at info@solution17.co.uk on 01273 901575 or by dropping into their Brighton office for a coffee (or something stronger) and a chat.

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