Our ticket print partner

Based in Hove, Ticketmedia is a leading provider of transport tickets, event tickets and pre-printed point of sale rolls.

Have you ever got on a bus and received a ticket with an advertisement? We invented this on-ticket advertising and now have 98% coverage of the UK’s ticketed bus network. Our other formats include advertising on the back of Oyster ticket stop receipts, covering four thousand outlets in London; Rail Reservation Cards; Tram tickets and; point of sale receipts for Petrol Forecourts on a national basis.

By using the advertising space on the back of a wide range of tickets and point of sale receipts, we are able to target a variety of demographic profiles and audiences. Working with media agencies and advertisers across a number of sectors including retail, telecommunications, education, public sector, entertainment, health and recruitment, our formats work as a stand-alone campaign or as part of an integrated marketing strategy. By putting the advertising message directly into the consumer’s hand, we produce some of the most effective and accountable advertising campaigns available to marketers.

Ticketmedia prides itself on staying at the forefront of production technology. Ongoing investment in new machinery and having printing facilities on site ensures we are able to deliver products of the highest standard, in the shortest time possible. We think this is crucial to delivering a quality product and exceeding our client’s expectations.

We are committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly process including use of water based inks and plates and sourcing paper from FSC certified mills only. In 2015, we installed solar panels to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Independently owned, Ticketmedia has an entrepreneurial culture that means we are consistently exploring new business opportunities to continue to deliver exceptional return on investment for our clients and added value for their customers.

To find out more go to: www.ticketmedia.com